New Consultants Header
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-Read through your New Consultant Packet
-Set up your InTouch account at
-Choose your email via InTouch
-Order your Business Cards and Create your Custom Look via InTouch and MK Connections
-Set up your business checking account
-Make a list of 50+ women. Refer to the "Everyone I Know Who Have Skin" sheet in the New Consultant packet for help with this.

Receive your Mary Kay pin when completed.
Complete these items within 48hrs and receive your "Alive" pin!

-Listen to Stacy James' Inventory link
-Review and download the Inventory Worksheet
-Schedule an appointment with Tammie to discuss inventory and print off the Understanding Inventory sheet. Be sure to bring this sheet to your appt.

Complete these tasks within 24 hours of signing your agreement and receive a full-sized Satin Lips set to add to your demo kit!

-Place your inventory order and receive a full-sized Serum C to add to your demo kit

When your place a Ruby Star order and above, receive a full-sized Serum C AND a Mary Kay Calculator!

-Log into Mary Kay InTouch and set up your MK website
-Log into Mary Kay InTouch and set up your Propay account

Earn a cosmetic display case for your eyeshadows, blushes
and powders after you complete these!

-Download the following apps onto your phone:
*MK ecatalog
*MK Digital Showcase
*Join Our Alive Unit Facebook Page!

Once you have downloaded these apps, contact
Tammie to receive your MK Pink Pen!

-Download and print the 36 in 36 Challenge Tracking Sheet
-Have 36 people try the samples in your Starter Kit in 3 to 6 days!
-Watch the video for ideas on how to accomplish this challenge

Complete the challenge, fill out the tracking sheet completely and submit the sheet to Tammie within 3-6 days and receive your
MK Money Bag!

-Attend every weekly meeting in your first month
-Download and print Studio Documents which are found under the MARKETING tab in the Training Center
-Meetings are Mondays from 6-6:50pm and guests are invited to attend our spa facials session from 7-9pm. The studio location is 6888 W. 105th St., Overland Park, KS 66212

Attend all meetings and receive $100 in free product!

-Download and print off the Pearls Tracking Sheet
- Make a list of the 6 sharpest people you know and submit to Tammie
-Watch and take notes as you listen to Tammie go over the Marketing plan with these 6 ladies

3 interviews earns you your earrings! 3 more earns you
your bracelet! Add a team member and earn your
necklace AND your senior enhancer! Finish 10 interviews
and receive a RING!

-Download the Power Start Tracking Sheet and complete your 15 faces in 15 days
-Host your Debut Party within 15 days

Complete your Power Start, receive your bracelet. Host your
Debut Party within 15 days, receive your PS Charm. Complete
either and receive your GirlBoss Booking Binder!

-Complete MKUniversity
-Attend a New Consultant Training. Upcoming dates and times may be found on the calendar at

Complete your MK University and attend the New Consultant
Training and receive a gorgeous piece of fun jewelry!

-Download the Red Jacket Tracking Sheet
-Move up the leadership ladder to Red Jacket status by adding 3 new active/qualified team members to your team

Achieve the title of Red Jacket and receive your "Star Team Builder" enhancer pin and a brand new pair of Red Stiletto shoes!

-Download Car Tracking Sheet
-Review the Car Qualification Guidelines
-Grow your team to 5 or more active personal team members and submit $5,000 in combined personal/team production. These requirements must be met each month to be considered On-Target

Complete the On-Target requirements and receive
a Mary Kay keychain!

-Download the Tracking to DIQ sheet
-Grow your team to 8 active personal team members and achieve the Future Director title

Achieve Future Director status and receive your
Future Director scarf and enhancer pin!

-Download the DIQ tracking sheet
-Review the DIQ Qualifications and Requirements
-Grow your team to 10 or more active personal team members and submit DIQ with the company the following month

Complete the DIQ requirements and receive
your DIQ pin!

-Download Perfect 12 Tracking Sheet
-Book and hold 12 full circle parties in a month

Complete 12 full circle parties and earn an invitation to
Girl's Night Out with Tammie and other achievers!